About Us

Chiara Jewellery is a Melbourne based jewellery maker, all about creating unique pieces with eco-friendly and up-cycled materials. Chiara's creative history is riddled with every kind of craft in addition to jewellery, such as knitting, sewing and more. Chiara has been making jewellery since 2012, when Chiara Jewellery was launched. 

Since then, she has loved to continue learning about layering, sewing materials, building collages and creating balance in art to improve her jewellery creations.  Years of working with fabric, yarn, ribbon and recycled materials have given her the skill set needed to be able to work with any kind of material. 

Chiara's signature trademark has become her Nespresso coffee pod jewellery line. Earrings, rings, brooches and necklaces are created from left over coffee capsules and recycled into attractive and unique designs. Chiara loves working with Coffee Pods as aluminium is a soft, light and easy material to work with and transforms into a great light piece of jewellery. 

Chiara aims to target those women who are environmentally conscious and are looking for handmade, original, creative and special jewellery pieces that won't be found elsewhere. 


Chiara was born and raised in Italy and moved to Australia in 2010, and decided shortly after to embark upon her jewellery business as she noticed her friends and family not knowing where to dispose of coffee pods correctly. An idea struck, to create beautiful and handmade pieces out of these. Since then, she has taken part of countless markets highlighting sustainable and handmade products as well as stocking her jewellery among Melburnian and Australian shops.